Trail des Vignes

Tillières on Saturday 05 May 2018

Here are the results of the 2017 edition of the Trail des Vignes:

For the Melchior - 32 Km :  Défi côte
For the Mathusalem - 18 Km :MathusalemDéfi côte
For the Magnum - 10 Km:   Magnum
the podiums are : ici   

Enrollment in the 2018 test implies reading and acceptance of the rules (Trail and Bike and Run) and medical certificate
2018 rates are:
Magnum - Transports Pasquier (10 Km):  
7€ FFA, 8€ for the others
Mathusalem (20Km):  
9€ FFA, 11€ for the others
Melchior (30 Km):  
11€ FFA, 13€ for the others

Schedules (New)
Opening of the Trail des Vignes sur Tillières site at 4:15 p. m.

Bike and Run start at 6:15 p. m.

The 30 km start will be given at 19h00, the 20 km start at 20h30 and the 10 km start at 19h30.

ATTENTION for the Melchior (30 km): Hourly barrier at 10:22 pm to 24th km approximately.